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The Lithgow Council voted FOR the Fluoridation of the Lithgow Water Supply 19th November 2007. Read More ...
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The Lithgow Council voted FOR the Fluoridation of the Lithgow Water Supply tonight.

The vote was 5 for and 3 against, Councillor McAndrew was absent.

The motion (Item 1 (below) of the General Manager's Conclusion in the report to Council ) was moved by Cr Barbara Moran and seconded by Cr Brian Morrissey.
1. Proceed with water fluoridation and request the installation of the necessary infrastructure. (NB: This option would require a budget adjustment if it was to occur in the current financial year as there is currently no allocation for running costs and discussions with State Water/Fish River Water Supply as to the appropriate location of any plant to cater for consumers utilising this water supply would be necessary)
An amendment was moved by Cr. Martin Ticehurst that the decision be deferred until a Poll be conducted at the 2008 Council Elections. This amendment failed to get a seconder.

The following Councillors voted FOR fluoridation:
Cr Barbara Moran
Cr Margaret Collins
Cr Ann Thompson
Cr Brian Morrissey
Mayor Cr Neville Castle

The Councillors who voted AGAINST fluoridation were:
Cr Howard Fisher
Cr Michael Wilson
Cr Martin Ticehurst
Cr. Fisher argued against fluoridation, stating that he was uneasy about placing more chemicals into the water supply and that he had been disappointed by the number of people who had attended the recent Public Meeting. He also stated that he was not convinced that fluoridation would be beneficial to the whole population through water fluoridation and there were other ways the Council could target the childrens' age group including fluoride drops or tablets.
Cr. Wilson argued against fluoridation and that the decision to place fluoride in the water did not feel right to him. His concerns were similar to Cr. Fisher that there had been a number of reports coming out now Internationally which questioned adverse affects and benefits of fluoride being added to the water. He apologised for not being able to attend the recent Public meeting.
Cr. Ticehurst said he was not necessarily against fluoridation, however felt that the poeple of Lithgow should be given the right to decide at a poll to be held at the same time as the 2008 Council Elections.

Cr. Moran's main argument for fluoridation was the 87% for fluoridation from the recent poll that the Council had undertaken.
Cr. Morrissey's main argument for fluoridation was the recent NHMRC report and that it had now been proven that there is little adverse affect on health put proven benefit in preventing tooth decay. He was also convinced by the graphs shown by the NSW Health presentation.
Cr. Thompson maintained that she had only had about 3 people who were against fluoridation contact her and many more for fluoridation.
The Mayor was asked by one of the Councillors if it was true that a Senior Dental Official had threatened to withdraw funding if Lithgow did not accept fluoridation. The Mayor called on Jack Irving from the Public Gallery, who stood up and said that this was definitely incorrect. (NB: this is contrary to to what was witnessed at the Public Meeting held on 12/11/2007)
The Council has asked for a report to brought back on the Budget adjustment needed.

So there we have it!
So what are you going to be drinking shortly?


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