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Fluoride Meeting Lithgow 11 04 2015 at Wattle Room, Workman's ClubA meeting will be held in Lithgow on 11th April 2015.

Location: Lithgow Workman's Club, Wattle Room, 2-7 Tank Street, Lithgow NSW 2790

Time: 07:00pm till 10:00pm

Many people have now signed a form left at various business places in Lithgow indicating they would like to have a discussion about fluoride in the water, food and other sources with regard to their health and environments.

In response a date has been set for a free meeting at the Lithgow Workman's Club, 2-7 Tank Street, everone is welcome. Saturday evening 11/04/2015 starting around 7pm, finishing depending on questions and raised interests up to 10pm.

[Please read the letter by clicking on the image.]

Subjects covered will include fluoride substances in your daily intake.

Where fluoride comes from, including its other contents, and the formulas of "fluoride" used in tap water as well as the formulas of other fluorides in comparison.

Removal of fluoride builds up in the body, filtration of fluoride, avoidence of fluoride.

The impossibilty of the prescribed "Optimum" dose of 0.7 ppm to 1.2 ppm and the Total dose of up to 8 ppm, this includes the health impacts of any amounts above the health limit of 4 ppm.

Handouts of data that show the amounts of fluorides in foods and pharmaceuticals plus material sources covered in the discussion will be made available obtained from authorities, some of which are government supported here and overseas.

Meeting is conducted by Allan Jones of Lithgow, who has had previous experience in water treatments, sewerage, and process chemical engineering, is an inventor of fluid handling technologies.

Allan is not connected to any interests or organisations for or against fluoride his talks are all community interest based only.

Hoping to see you there if you have any message about this invite please use the email contact listed here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Signed AR Jones 22/03/2015 3:26:36 PM




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